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5 Telling Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Furnace

With winter approaching, there are a lot of great reasons to consider replacing your home’s furnace with a newer, more efficient furnace. If you’re having trouble figuring out if it’s time to replace your furnace, we’re about to tell you five major signs that show you when it’s time to replace a furnace.

Sign 1: How Old Is Your Home’s Furnace?

If you have an old furnace, then it’s often better to replace it before it stops working completely. Depending on the brand and yearly use, a furnace can function and last for up to 25-30 years. When a furnace is really old, the possibility that it might stop working during a blizzard or a cold front is very possible. Rather than waiting until a major malfunction occurs during an event where your home really needs it, you should consider having it replaced sooner rather than later.

Sign 2: Track Your Heating Bills

Look at your heating bills from the past few years to determine if the cost of operating your home’s furnace is increasing. In some cases, you will have paper bills to look at, but you can also track your heating bills online. Today, manufacturers are required to make furnaces that use less electricity or natural gas. Installing a new furnace can reduce your home’s heating bills up to 30%.

Sign 3: Are There Cold Spots In Your Home?

If cold spots are popping up in your home, this could be a clear indication that your furnace isn’t working optimally. By having a new furnace installed, its blower will circulate warm air correctly through a home’s ductwork so that there are never any cold spots. The blowers on furnaces are one of the first things to malfunction and it is one of the most expensive parts to replace on a furnace. Installing an entirely new furnace is a better option, plus it will save you money.

Sign 4: Is Your Home’s Furnace Too Loud?

If your furnace is loud, then it’s time to have it replaced with a newer, quieter model. Manufacturers have developed quieter models of furnaces that will not wake you up at night because of components grinding. With a new furnace that has a modern motor, you won’t need to turn up your television to hear it while the device is operating. Upgrading will also guarantee you won’t have to pay for any breakdowns your old furnace might have had.

Sign 5: Does Your Furnace Turn On and Off Efficiently?

If the thermostat on your gas or electric furnace isn’t working correctly, you may need a new furnace. To have a warm and comfortable home, it is essential to have a thermostat that senses the temperature so that the furnace turns off and on at the appropriate times. If you have to operate a furnace manually instead of having an automatic thermostat, then it’s time install a new furnace.

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