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Before you call in some company to come do maintenance work on your air condition, you would want to stop and think for a moment if it’s something you can handle all by yourself. While hiring may save you the stress, you are the only one that can actually clean your ventilation ducts to your own taste. When these openings are clean in your home, the heating system will last longer, as there will be less dirt wearing its components out. The air you breathe becomes cleaner and fresher, and for those with allergies, it is a major improvement.

To clear your ventilation ducts out, you will need a couple of tools. If you don’t have a toolbox in your garage, go to the market and get a furnace filter, vacuum, brush, screwdriver or hex driver and some paper towels. Once you have all these, proceed to cover the supply air registers with the last item on the list. These openings that supply heated air into the rooms need to be covered to prevent dust from wafting into the rooms as you work, simply, lift the register, wrap over the top of it with the towel and replace it.

You want to run turn the fan on while doing the cleaning in order to move the dust along. While the fan is running, you will loosen the dust with your banging and brushing. Set that thermostat and shut the temperature mode off so that the only thing running is the fan. If a ‘fan only’ option isn’t available tin your model, then you can run the heat or cold. While you are banging and brushing, be observant of the filter to make sure it in place. You don’t want the knocked dust ending up in the fan motor.

Make sure to knock all the dust you can find completely off. Tap and brush any accessible duct you can find to break up those deposits. Some or all of the dust will end up in your supply register. When done dusting, you can then sweep the dust out of the registers using the vacuum cleaner. Face the hose of the cleaner to the part of the register where dampened dust has fallen into and clean it out. Proceed to vacuum clean far into the register to get a neater job. As you do so, you can remove the paper towels you put in before.

Clean the return air registers usually mounted to the wall. Shut off the fan and the furnace and clean out the blower compartment as well as the return air boot with your vacuum. Replace the funnel filter. When accessing the main ducts, remove the end caps from the rectangular duct work. Then clean the basement register inside. If you remove them, you will even be able to reach farther into the trunk to clean thoroughly.

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