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Holiday Weather in Texas

Even though Texas does not have terrible winters, it can seem pretty cold to us after so many months of hot weather. This can also be hard on your heating and air conditioning system. We normally run our air conditioning units for most of the year and then to switch over to heat can make a big difference in your system and the function. It is very important that you keep your system tuned up and filters clean so nothing gets damaged during the weather changes.

The weather for the next week during our holiday will  range from the low 30s to the high 60s. We will also have some rain in the forecast. See out weather forecast below.

There are several ways to heat your home in Texas. We are lucky to have mild winters but that doesn’t mean we can go without a quality home heating solution. A Texas winter certainly has days and nights when you need heat, but what kind of system is right for a household that’s not going to use it as often as a northern family would? The answer to that question has a lot of components. You’ve got several options when it comes to choosing a system for heating your home. We’ll help you understand them so you can pick the one that works best for your lifestyle. Here are the different ways to keep your home heated in this Texas weather.

Furnaces are designed to offer a powerful amount of heat through a tough winter. You can get gas, oil, or electric furnaces, but natural gas furnaces are the most popular option. The reason many people choose furnaces is because they’re a very reliable way to heat a home, even when the temperature is freezing.

Texas homes don’t always need the power that the furnace can provide but some families still go this route by getting a furnace with two-stage settings. Even at the lowest setting a furnace will heat up your home quickly.

Heat pump is the home temperature option designed for use in the south. Many southern families prefer heat pumps for a simple reason: they function as both a home heating and cooling system. Because heat pumps operate by performing a heat exchange with the air, they can operate either way: pulling heat from the air or exhausting heat into the air. You only need one system, rather than two (a separate AC and furnace), when you have a heat pump.

Space heaters are another option for heating but not the best option. Space heaters will only heat up one room at a time and are used for supplemental heat only. You will notice these high- energy units on your energy bill and do not heat up a room as fast as a heat pump would.

Penguin Air is always available to answer any questions you may have about the appropriate heating system for your families needs. Give us a call and we will be happy to come out and see what would be the best option.



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