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HVAC, short for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, is a system that controls the entire ambient environment (humidity, temperature and air quality) for indoor and vehicular comfort. It is commonly found in residential structures such as apartment buildings and also hotels, office buildings, banks and hospitals; even on vessels like ships and submarines.

The system ensures that the quality of air and temperature in the building is top notch by replacing ambient and unclean air as well as smoke, dust, bad odor and heat with fresh cool air for comfort of guests.

It is important you service and maintain your HVAC system quarterly (every three months) to prevent breakdown. This process is called Preventive maintenance (PM). Routine maintenance can help reduce equipment replacement, as well as bring down utility costs.

This article contains tips and steps involved in planned maintenance of your system. While it is important to call on professionals regularly for in depth maintenance, arming yourself with the right and necessary skills is expedient for you to have a clear understanding of your system’s safety and operating level per time.


  1. Do a visual inspection

Before you do a deep maintenance of the system, it is important that you check the unit with your eyes. Look around the control circuit to see if contactors and microprocessors are not out of place. Check to see that wires are tightly connected. Check the coils and see if there is oil leakage of any kind or potential oil leaks. Address any oil leak found.

  1. Check the Blower Compartment

Do a comprehensive check of the fan in the blower compartment. Also, check the pulley belts to ensure that they are tight. Any loose belt could mean there is a crack on it, and cracked belts need to be changed as soon as possible.

  1. Cleaning out the Drain

While doing a routine check on the blower compartment, it is important to service the drain. It is best to clean out the drain during a quarterly Preventive Maintenance service.

  1. Replace the air filters quarterly

The air filters should be replaced as regularly as possible. The frequency of replacement should be based on the results of routine checks, done to the check the conditions of the filters. It is suggested that these replacements are done at least within a 3-6 month interval.

  1. Reach out to professionals for quarterly maintenance

Although the previously mentioned tips help you get your HVAC system in tip top shape, it is mandatory to call for professionals every three months to do basic replacements, test for faults and clear out the drain in the condenser unit.

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