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Tune-Up Special $69

There are three main reasons to have your home comfort system tuned up. To maintain efficiency, prevent expensive breakdowns and ensure your families comfort in this unpredictable Texas weather. Here is our Pre-Season Tune-up Special. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

$69 Pre Season Check Up

  • Check Thermostat Calibration
  • Filter Check
  • Inspect Evaporative Coil
  • Inspect Blower
  • Check Blower Amps
  • Check Heat Strip Amps   Text
  • Suction Pressure
  • Super Heat
  • Liquid Pressure
  • Sub-Cooling
  • Compressor Start Up Amp Draw
  • Compressor Run Load Amp Draw
  • Condenser Fan Amp Draw
  • Check Contactor Points
  • Check Duct Work
  • Check Temperature Differential

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